Room Designer 101.


from $500

Space Planning, Furniture Curation and Interior Styling

You want a total transformation of your bedroom, living room, dining room or  work space, but aren’t sure where to start? You have no idea of where’s the best place to shop for tiles, or where to place furniture?

The Room Planner 101 has been created to help you redesign your home, on a room-by-room basis. We’ll chat with you in advance to understand your requirements, then we’ll come to your place to discuss the room you want to transform. We’ll come back and share our ideas along with a manual with pictures showing you how you can make your space look and work best for you.

Manual includes:

  • Site measure of your space.

  • A room plan/architectural drawing of your space with new room design.

  • Room colour style/scheme

  • New furniture list (with your budget in mind), and/or seeing where to best put existing furniture (pdf with pictures).

Room Designer 101 for space planning, furniture curation & interior styling