Ania trica.

multi-discipline interior design

I have been always drawn to fine arts and architecture since my early years, completing a History and Fine Art History Degree at the University of Toronto, followed by a Diploma in Interior Design from Sheridan College and 7 years working in the industry.

Prior to launching my interior design business, I worked with some of Toronto’s leading interior design firms, such as figure3 and Studio Munge, collaborating on many successful restaurants, retail, corporate and residential spaces across Canada, the United States and Europe. 

Ania Trica Design

I am also an active participant in the Toronto art and design scene as I best envision interior design as a collaboration of various artistic disciplines. Drawing from my knowledge and experience of various art movements throughout history, I specialise in creating original and memorable spaces. 

With my practical approach to design, I strive to bring this unique sense of beauty to each project - be it residential or commercial - without compromising the function of the space.


Traditional, Contemporary and Modern

Design should always reflect your brand & business, and in many cases, personal taste or an injection of personality is important as well. I like to combine a range of interior design styles in my work to make sure that what I create is always best suited to you.

Interior Architect
Interior designer in Toronto
Ania Trica, interior architect in Toronto